ils Chile

Difficult Cargos through Safe Routes

Electrolytic cells to the USA

We developed the shipping logistics of 800 electrolytic cells from Santiago, Chile to Stafford in California. In order to do that, 400 containers were taken from Ancor Tecmin warehouses and were shipped by sea to Los Angeles. The final land shipping was carried out with special Air Rider trucks.


It was shipped by sea from Bilbao, Spain to Santiago, Chile. The Open Star Screen has a 420 sq. meter area, similar in height to a six story building, four times larger than a normal movie theater screen, and it’s the largest in south america. The route for this cargo had to be quick in order to be on time for the inauguration of Vitacura City Hall Building. In order to do that, we planned a sea route from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso.

Dakar Project

Coordination and shipping of the Dune Buggy vehicle (belonging to Bajar Race Car LLC) from the factory in Los Angeles, California to Santiago, Chile. The car was designed to run the Rally Dakar Chile-Argentina 2013. It was shipped by boat.